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  • June 13, 2011 1:08 PM | Anonymous

    Anyone lucky enough to be visiting London this summer should add a visit to Buckingham Palace to their list.  Kate's wedding dress, as well as her veil, shoes and the royal wedding cake will be on display from July thru October.    Check out this link for The Royal Collection:

    If anyone visits the exhibit, please consider sharing your experiences with us!

  • May 29, 2011 11:11 PM | Deleted user

    Hi everyone,

    Jill's been at work to continue with the many improvements we wish to add to the website.

    Just this past week, she has begun the Member's Lace Gallery - take a look at the pieces.  Now really - submit a picture of any of your pieces. 

    We have established the PayPal account for NELG.  This convenience will allow you, if you choose, to pay your renewal dues on-line.  With this improvement and the passage of the Bylaw admendment, your membership will renew when you pay your dues.  You'll receive the usual reminders in the Newsletter and now you'll receive automatic notices.  This will assist our Treasurer Winann in taking care of our funds.

    Additional new features are scheduled to be added in the coming months.  Keep an eye out!

    Thanks so much,


  • May 23, 2011 1:29 PM | Deleted user

    It's now completed - Retreat 2011 is a fond memory for over 40 of us that attended.  Much thanks to the Retreat Committee, Silent Auction Committee, Sacred Hearts, our members and our teachers Louise & Susie and vendor The Lacemaker Tracy & Bill. 

    Retreat for 2012 is all ready set - watch our Calendar of Events  as we will be updating the information and we hope to see you next year.

    Those in Susie's class worked in Withof and other styles of lace - it was truly impressive.  Susie gave us a lecture on Withof and Sr. Judith.  In Louise's class we worked in Millanese.  I was in Louise's class and worked on the beginner cresent moon.  I've some tying off to do and finishing the zig-zag filling.  All it in all, personally I wish we had another half day of lacing!

    Thank you to everyone in making this a great event!


  • May 18, 2011 9:48 AM | Deleted user

    Ok Retreat attendees - it's time to double check that you have everything -  It's going to be a great weekend - hopefully this cloudiness will blow over by Friday A.M.

    Lace:  table/stand, lace pillow(s), prickings, bobbins, thread, and other assorted items, personal light and extension cord, extra project to work on.  If you forget, the LaceMaker is our vendor and can help you with whatever you forgot or need.

    Library books: Bring them back!

    Personal stuff:  Extra pillow, flashlight!  it gets dark, snacks & any beverages for evenings, cork screw,walking shoes for the great paths from the house to the beach.

    Remember we have our Silent Auction ----  What goodies will you be bidding on?

    See you there!

    Phone number for the Retreat House, in case of emergency only after 8pm, is (508) 295-0100.  Cell service is iffy.

  • May 15, 2011 9:21 PM | Deleted user

    Hi all,

    It's only four days away and we will be meeting at the Sacred Hearts Retreat Center to begin NELG's Retreat.

    My bobbins are wound, my pricking is ready, and my lace bags are packed.  I'm so looking forward to arriving in good shape and ready to take my class in Milanese.

    For those of you who could not attend, we will miss you and you'll be in our thoughts.



  • May 12, 2011 11:39 AM | Anonymous
    Today we reached a total (since "go-live" in mid-February) of 400 visitors to the website from the US!  And a grand total of 469 visitors worldwide, with "hits" from most continents.  Our website is creating lots of attention!

  • May 10, 2011 2:18 PM | Deleted user

    Yes - if you haven't seen the current issue of PieceWork magazine, then run out and get one.  Our own Carolyn has published an article on the Alencon Bee that she remade from the Napoleon Bonaparte bedspread that we were able to view at the Rhode Island School of Design.

    Back several months ago, Carolyn gave us a lecture and workshop on making this very special needle lace.  I have my sample, though I must say, I need more practice!

    This issue if PieceWork magazine is the Lace issue.  Carolyn's article is great, with lots pictures showing the stages of how the sample was made. 

    Again, Congratulations to Carolyn! 

  • May 09, 2011 5:37 PM | Deleted user

    Hi All,

    Beginning last week, Barbara Morrow forwarded the information we have collected on all our volunteer hours.  Thank you to Barbara for retaining the volunteer hours.

    I will be adding the PAST year 2010 and 2009 to our new database system to track the information.

    With adding the PAST years information, if you submitted hours, you will receive an email detailing your submitted information.

    If you find a error, please contact me directly at




  • May 08, 2011 10:55 PM | Deleted user

    Thanks to Clare for hosting CT Lace Day yesterday.

    It was a great day.  We got some lace, knitting, crochet, etc made.  We were all discussing the upcoming Retreat and IOLI convention.

     Retreat looks like it is full!  I'm really looking forward to a great weekend in Wareham MA.


  • May 02, 2011 7:45 PM | Deleted user

    Lace work takes me many places on the web.  I was at the IOLI website and looking at the Gallery of work made by members. 

    Our own Gail MacLean's handkerchief corner is on the site - you can see it at

    Gail - it's beautiful - I'm inspired!



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