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Easy Heart Pattern for Demos

October 14, 2011 5:42 PM | Bryce Wolf
For those who asked:

The pattern I have been using for try-it demonstrations can be found in Lene Bjorn's "62 Small Hearts in Bobbin Lace." It's #3. Heart in Cloth Stitch.  It only requires 5 pairs, works up well in tatting cotton or similar (ignore the linen 28/2 the pattern calls for), requires only a small amount of thread, and the path of the worker pair is very clearly shown.  All the demonstrator has to do is the start, the end, and maybe the point in the middle.  Goes fast.

The NELG library does not seem to have this book, but it is inexpensive and in print.  No scanner, so I can't send you a copy of the pricking, but I'll try to bring a copy or two when next I get to a NELG meeting.

I, too, tired of the snake....
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