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Creative Arts 2013: Special Sponsor Award Winners

Congratulations to our award winners and all lacemakers that entered this year

Best of Division - Adult
Rita Bartholomew

Best Technical Proficiency
NELG Award
Bryce Wolf


Best Beginner: NELG Award
Best Needlelace: NELG members from MA

Carolyn Purcell

Best Tatted Lace
Blogger: Lace & All Its Glory
Mary Linden


Best Contemporary Lace
Bobbins by van Dieren Award
Bryce Wolf

Best Use of Color in Any Lace
Lacy Susan Award
Sharon Sacco


Best Traditional Lace
Van Sciver Bobbin Lace Award
Sue Felshin


Best Torchon Lace
Bobbins by van Dieren Award
Winann Steinmetz

Best Youth Entry
NELG Award
Allison Doheny

Best Continuous Lace
NELG Members of CT
Jeanne Goodwin

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