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  • 10 Jun 2017 6:33 AM | Anonymous

    Karen Thompson's much-anticipated self-published book is now available from Amazon, Holly Van Sciver and Maria Provencher. A complete book review by NELG member, Jeri Ames, is available on the Book Review pages.


  • 26 May 2017 2:12 PM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    I saw this on the White Threads blog today.  While it is relatively short, it does give you some idea of how DMC embroidery threads are made.  The video is in French with English subtitles.  See:

  • 16 May 2017 7:27 AM | Jill Hawkins

    Just announced: A new creative lace event for lacemakers worldwide sponsored by New School of Lace. This 1st International Challenge and Online Exhibition of Handmade Bobbin Lace in Colour is called "Lace : Heart : Art". 

    Free pattern, no entry fee, simple submission process. Submission deadline is February 14, 2018. More details at:

  • 20 Apr 2017 10:28 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    I occasionally follow a few bloggers.  Yolande of Fils et Aiguilles recently attended the Manidoro 2017  (needlework fair) in Italy and posted a lot of pictures from it in her 7 April  blog posting.  This fair has a wide variety of needlework represented, and from a lace perspective worth the effort.  There are a few pictures of Romanian lace that are impressive.  I know that the beginning Romanian Lace book in the NELG library is a good way to start, but the pieces that Yolande recorded show how beautiful it can really be.  While we do not often think of  it this way, macrame is also a form of lace, and you can see its use there also.  Beyond that I think many types of laces, including netting were represented here, although I did not notice any bobbin laces other than some Torchon and the Italian styles.  On the bottom of the posting are a couple of links to larger collections from Manidoro 2017.  See:

  • 18 Apr 2017 9:24 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    Last January we had a blog posting asking for some crochet help on this piece of art.  I know for myself that I was afraid that the time table was a little too aggressive for my abilities.  I don't know if anyone was able to participate.

    The latest issue of Vogue Knitting arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and in it was an article on the Amsterdam installation last winter.  There are a couple of links that you will find interesting.  The first,, shows the installation over the canals in Amsterdam, including a video.  The second,, shows the construction and the install, again with a video. 


  • 07 Apr 2017 7:48 PM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    I received a message from IOLI that they are in great need of a new Bulletin Editor.  Here is some description their needs:  "... what we are looking for at the moment is someone who would be willing to deal with finding copy, dealing with advertisements,  finalising the Bulletin, and liaising with the printer and mailing house. The Bulletin Editor is also an appointed officer with a position on the IOLI Board and on some IOLI committees."  If you have any interest, please contact me and I will give you give you the contact information.

  • 03 Apr 2017 2:29 PM | Katherine Moore (Administrator)

    I don't know if any members are aware of this, but there is an exhibit of metallic lace at RISD Musem. A friend just sent me the link; it's the first I'd heard of it so I thought I'd share.  Looks interesting, I'll probably be checking it out soon.

  • 23 Mar 2017 2:21 PM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    Heritage Village Lace Guild will be holding their 29th Seminar in Amherst NY on June 3 & 4.  They have a few classes available including Milanese Lace with Louise Colgan.  If you are interested, here is the relevant web page:

  • 10 Mar 2017 7:01 AM | Jill Hawkins
    I received the following sad news regarding Marni:

    "To her many biking friends, some of whom she met on Women Tours rides, it is with great sorrow that I have to let you know that she passed away today, March 9th, 2017 from the results of a traumatic brain injury. Marni was severely injured in an accident on a Woman Tour ride in Moab, Utah in October of 2015. For the last 16 months she has fought to regain some of her former mental and physical abilities. Today she expended the last bit of her energy in that fight and has passed on. 

    Over the last 12 years, biking was one of her major passions in life. She rode whenever she got the chance and she cherished the friendships that she made on the road. I want to thank all of you who shared her road bike passion and who befriended her for your continuing support during her long battle with TBI. Many of you sent her cards and letters that I read to her. She enjoyed them all and they helped to keep her spirits up. 

    Over the last year, she especially treasured the quilt made from colorful biking jerseys that many of you helped to make. I will try to send individual letters to those of you who I have addresses for when things have settled down. If you would like, please make a remembrance donation in her name to either the American Cancer Society (she was a survivor), or to Planned Parenthood for their support of women's health. 

    Again, my thanks to all of you for being in Marni's life. Phil Harang (husband of Marni)"

  • 08 Mar 2017 2:30 PM | Anonymous
    NELG received the following Facebook message:

    "I have these 3 patterns with thread, and I no longer do bobbin lace. I'd like to pass them along to someone who could use them. Pickup appreciated, but might be able to meet up somewhere nearby (I am in Sandown NH, so Derry, Plaistow, Salem)."

    They are 3 Torchon patterns from Biggins Lace ( Clare, Natalie and one other. From experience, the patterns include starting instructions and an enlarged working diagram.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me at and I will pass on the inquiry.



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