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  • March 30, 2019 11:37 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    I watched a video on Idrija lace this morning.  This is a video from UNESCO.  there are a lot of short interviews with lace makers, both women and men, as well as designers.  The lace patterns they are using are beautiful.  While Idrija uses few bobbins and coarser thread than the continental laces, it is a beautiful lace.  Here is the link:


  • March 17, 2019 11:08 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    With the NELG Retreat rapidly approaching, I would like to mention to anyone out there who would like to start learning bobbin lace that we will be having a beginner's class this year.  This is open to anyone who would like to learn, not just NELG members.  If you are interested, follow the links to the retreat details on the NELG home page. The retreat will be held in North Andover MA from May 16 - 19 2019.  Registration ends on April 15.

  • February 03, 2019 11:33 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    I noticed this piece on NPR this morning (, and while it is not technically lace, it certainly reminds me of lace.  This is about gold jewelry from Senegal that is worked with filigree.  There is more information and pictures on the Smithsonian's website (  Perhaps it will inspire lacemakers, particularly those who like to make wire lace.

  • January 10, 2019 8:34 PM | Jill Hawkins

    Just heard about this brand new event that is taking place in Lowell MA. If you're in the area, why don't you check it out?

  • December 05, 2018 11:14 AM | Bryce Wolf

    Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of Nancy Neff the NELG library is now the happy owner of the "Lace not Lace" catalog.  This was published in conjunction with the Hunterdon Art Museum exhibit of contemporary lace organized by Devon Thein.  Some of us have managed to get there; others of us wish we could. In any case, this is a lovely informative book with lots of eye candy. It is now officially listed in our library catalog and available for borrowing. (I had to read it first...) Thank you, Nancy!


  • November 14, 2018 5:58 PM | Carolyn Wetzel (Administrator)

    Thanks Gail for another wonderful edition of the newsletter! I especially like the linked resources you had on the first page.

  • November 13, 2018 10:02 PM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    This 26th volume, number 5 (Winter 2018) PieceWork has Point d Gaze on cover.  It features needlework articles from old books and publications.  A lot of lacemakers enjoy old quotes.

    It has an interesting article on page 30 - The Secret in the Old Lace - about Nancy Drew and her detective adventures in Bruges, followed by instructions for two small needlelace hearts just right size to applique on clothing.  My library is sufficiently open-minded that I have a 1980 edition this Nancy Drew book.

    This PieceWork also has a knitting pattern on page 40 for a lacy fichu that might have been made in Louisa May Alcott's era, a wonderful lacy knit scarf on page 66, and Russian-style knitted lacy mitts on page 68.  Plus, articles about women's needlework magazines of the late 19th-to-early 20th centuries have been researched in-depth and are explained.  Anyone who collects Needlecraft, Priscilla, or Fancy Needlework magazines will find these articles of interest.

  • October 19, 2018 9:31 PM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

    I found a site with many lace fans.  A few of them even have closeups so you can see the details.  The text is in Italian, but it is great to see so many styles of lace in fans.  It is a tribute to creativity.  See:

  • October 01, 2018 2:10 PM | Gail MacLean (Administrator)

    Saw the Lace, Not Lace exhibit at the Hunterdon Art Museum last Saturday. It was well worth the trip. The Sea Urchins were spectacular. All of the selections were fascinating, each with its own attraction. Kudos to curator Devon!

    The star of the show, though, was Lieve Jerger's Carriage of Lost Love! I'm sure it was a challenge to display, but Devon and company rose to the occasion. It is in a room by itself that is just slightly larger than the carriage, and it is lit from inside, projecting onto the white walls all of the designs! Great idea!

    Enjoyed meeting some other lace makers and answering questions from other visitors when they learned that I was a lace maker (but not in the same league!). The accompanying program book was worth the investment because of the in depth stories about many of the pieces. Hope you can all get to see the exhibit!

  • September 08, 2018 3:36 PM | Anonymous

    The list of winners for this year's Creative Arts has been published by ESE and can be found here. Many congratulations to all the winners!


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