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New Wikipedia page on Ipswich Lace created

October 02, 2020 9:22 AM | Mary Mangan (Administrator)

I have worked with Karen Thompson to create a new Wikipedia page for Ipswich lace. There was none at all, prior to this.

I was spurred to this by a current edit-a-thon This meant that I could get some help with the editing features that I didn't know, and that it might get wider reach than if I just hacked on something on my own. People were super nice to help me out.

But I have looked at a lot of other lace-related pages because of this, and there are many that are quite sparse. If anyone has some suggestions and citations for your favorite lace, I'd be happy to use my new skills on some of that. It doesn't have to be now, it's just more visible during the edit-a-thon. 



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