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Using the resources you have

September 29, 2019 11:36 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

I will blame this one on Judy since she is very interested in fans as can be seen by her lovely little fan that did so nicely in the Big E. 

For those of us who get serious about lace, we tend to collect resources over the years, no matter what type of lace it is.  Often we buy lace books for access to the patterns even if we know we can't make them until we learn more than we know.  I know I am guilty of that many times over.  We can get overwhelmed by books after a while.  Typically, I will flip though a book to see if it should be added, but just a typically, I also set it aside once purchased since there are other distractions in my life.  I do like to look at the pictures, but often reading the text goes on a "to do" list.  But Judy's fan has reminded me that I have yet to read Claudette and Michel Bouvot's book entitled "Eventails" ("Fans").  Oh my,  the pictures are great, but there is so much history there.  I will enjoy reading it.


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