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September 19, 2011 11:31 PM | Patty Foley

I find myself just studying each picture as the go by.  There is an absolute wonderment in looking at the picots, the cross and twists, the braids and gimps.  With a few simple threads we mark out the tiny spaces that make the lace come alive

Make time for the Big E - I'll be there for Connecticut Day - you'll have a chance to get up close and personal. If you can't come to the fair, you can look at the entries right here. Thanks so much for all the artists that entered their lace creations for all of us to enjoy.  

Hmmm  Is it too early to think about next year's lace entry??? 




  • September 22, 2011 9:52 AM | Anonymous
    It's NEVER too early to think about an entry for The Big E! I am amazed and thrilled that we went from 23 entries to over 50 as a result of an email plea for additional entries. Once again, NELG came through! Many of the entrants were first-timers to the Big E (and also prize winners!) and I hope they will consider entering at least one piece next year.

    Patty, Barbara and Winann did a fantastic job with the display cases. We had so many entries that they needed two (yes, TWO) display cases to accommodate all the lace.

    I was there on opening day with my brother and sister in law (also a lacemaker)from England. They were completely blown away by the number of entries, and were very envious that they do not have an event like this in their local area.

    Way to go, NELG!!!!!!
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    • September 23, 2011 12:47 PM | Patty Foley
      Thanks Jill, I will say that it was Winann and Barbara who skillfully arranged the TWO display cabinets. I took the pictures and hope everyone has been enjoying them.

      I'm just amazed at the level of our Lace - we are not only lacemakers but true artists!
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