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January 13, 2016 1:00 AM | Marjorie Dashef

Posted on Facebook by IOLI International Organization of Lace, Inc. 1/11/16

Museum Update-Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in Boston, MA.

The velvet rope that kept viewers away from the 40 pieces of displayed lace has been moved so that one may see them close up. However, IOLI members are advised only TO VISIT ON A SUNNY DAY. The lace is in a dark corner. There is a lamp next to the display, but the guard is not authorized to turn on the lamp. Consequently you can barely see the outline of the lappets, and not the workmanship on a rainy day.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is one of only four museums in the US to have numerous pieces of lace on public display in the permanent exhibition, and arguably the most high profile museum of the four. The lace is on the third floor in the Veronese room. Photography is not permitted.


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