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Request from Catherine Barley, needlelace teacher

October 16, 2013 7:59 AM | Jill Hawkins

Catherine Barley is a teacher of international renown, and has been teaching bobbin lace, needlelace and stumpwork both in the UK and abroad for over 40 years. Her book ‘Needlelace Designs and Techniques Classic & Contemporary’ first published in 1993 by BT Batsford and re-printed four times is now sadly out of print and it is prohibitively expensive to have another re-print.


Catherine has been looking into the possibility of ‘print on demand’ for this book, largely prompted by the outrageous prices being asked by second-hand booksellers.  I checked today and is currently selling it at $250, but I found other sites (in the UK) where they are asking up to $1,000!


Catherine needs to get a quote from a ‘print on demand’ company, but they will want some idea of the number of copies.  Therefore, she is asking that if you might be interested in a copy, to email her so she has some idea of how many copies to get a quote for.  She is not asking for a firm commitment, but if you would be seriously interested, she would like an indication of intent.  Catherine can be reached at


If you have friends belonging to embroidery groups or other lace groups, perhaps you would forward this information on to them.   More information about Catherine and her work can be found on her website; there is a link on the ‘Links page’.


Thanks in advance,



  • October 16, 2013 11:09 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)
    To those who may not be familiar with this book, it is a classic. There is some treatment of Gros Point de Venise, Hollie Point, and Point de Gaze. There are a few pattern devoted to bridal accessories as well as contemporary applications. Some of the contemporary work might overlap with stumpwork, but it fits within the theme of the book. This book should be a welcomed addition to those interested in needlelace or serious embroidery, particularly if new copies at affordable prices are available.
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    • October 17, 2013 10:17 AM | Jill Hawkins
      Many thanks Sharon. I don't have the book, but have put my name down for a copy. Hopefully those who read this blog and who are also interested in this classic book, will take advantage of a great opportunity to get their hands on a copy (for a resonable price) and email Catherine Barley.
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    • October 29, 2013 9:49 AM | Patty Foley
      to the Board ---- why not add this book to our Library?
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