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Tonder lace festival

June 03, 2013 6:36 AM | Jill Hawkins

Off to Denmark tomorrow morning - VERY early (our flight leaves at 7 am!!!).  I'm very much looking forward to spending some of this weekend in Tonder for their triennial lace festival and meeting up with Barbara Morrow for dinner on Friday night.

Also looking forward to catching up with Nikki Nelson, Tina Allen and Bobbi Donnelly - I'm sure there will be more lacemakers from the US that I know!

In addition, there will be a book launch on Friday evening at the Tonder Museum for Bobbi's new book: "Spiderweb and Dreams".  It is a book on Danish Cross Cloths from the Museum's collection.  Can't wait!



  • June 05, 2013 7:32 PM | Patty Foley
    ...... waiting with my breath held! How is / was the festival?
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