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NPR segment on Ipswich lace!!!

July 12, 2022 6:42 PM | Jill Hawkins

The Boston NPR station, WBUR, has a local show called RadioBoston. They have a relatively new segment called "Hidden History", and Mary Mangen pitched to them the Ipswich Lace story this past April. 

They have been pre-interviewing and researching it, and they have decided to run with it next Tuesday (July 19). So (assuming no breaking news or something wild), they will have someone from the Ipswich Museum and Mary to talk about Ipswich lace. (We offered them Karen Thompson and she did talk with them during the background research, but they wanted someone local, I guess!) Mary will be bringing in her samples to the studio so they can have a look as well. Hopefully they'll post some photos with the story.

11am ET is the live version, and they typically replay the show at 3pm. But it should be stored long-term and accessible later. They have a stream option so you don't have to be in the radio range.

It's all because of our project to raise the profile of Ipswich lace. It's working! 


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