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Trip to Lace Art Exhibition

September 03, 2012 7:44 AM | Sr. Madeleine Cleverly
Morning again

I guess I am on a roll. With the time change I am up at 4 and 5 am so the convent is quiet and the computers not being vied for! With my coffee to sustain me another adventure.I had wanted to visit the lace exhibition in a nearby village as it was of FLanders Lace the lace I was learning at Kantcentrum. For varying reasons I had not been able to get out there until the last two days. I had had a fall before I came so had a nasty gash on my leg that was healing and early in my month could not make a bike trip to this town plus the day I was planning to go 4 sisters in a nearby convent ate poisonous mushrooms and were near death, a serious concern when there are only 12 sisters in this convent! I felt my priority was prayer ( the work of nuns )and not lace at this moment.  So the last days my leg was healed and on a beautiful day I set off to rent a bicycle and ride the 5 KM to Damme. Now mind you bicyle riding is an art in Brugge maybe in all belgium and the Low countries I do not know. But NO helmets .... riding in high heels, and fancy dresses, in jeans and top or in full habit with veil flying with baguettes and books all trailing out of pouches on the rear.. all these were quite common sights. So when in Rome...... now dodging  the ubiquitous tourists and the speeding BMWs was another mountain to be scaled. There are bicyle lanes but at the intersection of the highways I couldn't tell which from which and just rode across and hoped for the best... Figuring hitting a nun is not a good idea and most people even unbelievers would abstain! So I trundled along by the canal watching the cows and horses as countryside comes quickly outside of Brugge. I loved it. THe quaint little village was quickly appeared and the exhibition was in the TOwn Hall. Now I have no pictures as they were prohibited as these were original designs. Tradition is you do NOT share your patterns although some lacemakers say this is beginning to change. THese were however original designs and commissions of Flanders Lace. Now only movie stars and baseball players could afford these I was told as they are originals to fit a certain desire of the purchaser! However they were quite stunning and the gal there didi give me a complete explanation of how it was done from the design to the tracing to the choice of stitches each piece being a one of  a kind original. They spin the thread themselves examples there and the little wheel etc. It was quite upper crust lace shall we say. I guess if you are Sandra Bullock and want lace for your yacht table you would know how to find such places and people. I felt sort of privileged to have even seen this kind of lace.
After a visit to tearoom for sustennce of pannekokken which  we call crepes with ice cream and caramel sauce ( many people gave me $$ for extra treats so kind ) I unlocked my bike from the bicycle parking lot and retraced my ride on the other side of the canal. THe return trip took me 20 minutes longer as I was bushed as I stopped on the benches a number of times but it was all worth it and bed looked good at the convent.

Another lace adventure or two to tell about.. I hope I am not boring you all.
Sr Madeleine


  • September 03, 2012 4:25 PM |
    Looking forward to more!
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