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August 31, 2012 11:22 AM | Patty Foley
As in all organizations, we have change.  Today, our last day of the fiscal year, it is also the changing of the guard in your officers.  We are all intertwined and we make the fabric of NELG.

Tomorrow we will welcome Bryce as Vice President and Karen as Treasurer.

Today - I wish to send a personal and organizational THANK YOU to our Vice President Carolyn and Treasurer Winann.  My involvement with our organization has been about four years, which does not come close to the experience and efforts that both Carolyn and Winann have brought to NELG over these past years. Their individual legacies are part of our foundation of NELG.  They are two of the individuals that have given of the time and talents to our organization - they have made a difference.  Both these ladies have worked this past summer with their successors to make the smooth transition so that NELG doesn't miss a beat!

Carolyn - Thank you for the programs of the past  three years.  We have had the chance for road trips, interesting guest speakers and a host of 'how-to's types of lace.  All of us have been enriched.  Your continued involvement with NELG is anticipated as we continue to expand our programs to our members. Thank you once again!

Winann - What can I say - Thank you, doesn't even begin to say what this lady has done for NELG over the last nine years as our Treasurer and Membership duties that were added to her plate four years ago.  With an organization that is spread out over a large geographic area, it takes effort to bring it all together.  Keeping up our finances is definitely a back room job and then keeping up with the changes in membership - both jobs take an organized individual. It is Winann who was served not only the executive team, but the membership at large.   During the last two years we instituted new technology to assist in running NELG.  Not to worry as Winann stepped up to embrace them so our organization continues to grow.  Thank you so much, we would not be here without all your efforts!  

Thank you to the both of you - you have added the the fabric of NELG!


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