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August 19, 2012 1:10 PM | Patty Foley

Now on Saturday, there are losts of  vendors in the street and lacemakers demonstrating.  It is very festive and lots of beer.

There are not a lot of places for supplies or books and I think Holly's selection is very complete; truly holly does well by us.  Now the lace makers traditionally guard their patterns closely like family secrets although none are sharing now.

This group from Antwerp at my beguinsge were very fun and friendly and I did lace with them in the garden. Could not speak a word of flemish but we laughed a lot.  The teacher with them invited me to demonstrate with her. Patty, will have to log my hour demo time! The teacher does creative lace harlequin's dancers etc.  Her theme was musicians and music wow! !

I as there two days doing lace and many people stopped and I talked some language French, English, or pigeon Flemish.   As I was doing my tonder from Sweet Briar. they would say "ahh ahh fine tone" pronounced 'feen feen'! !

There were several lacegroups from around demonstrating from places I could not pronounce. I even met two teachers from Kantcentrum, they were demonstrating. It is a small lace culture like the USA.

Must go home to dinner, our big meal is in the middle of day. A guest there invited me for mussels today, a Belgian specialty and of course beer.

Ciao, until tomorrow,

Sr. Madeleine


  • August 20, 2012 8:34 AM | Deleted user
    There is Scharlaeken, which is just off the Market Square on Philipstock St., which has bobbins and threads and pillows... The Bookseller ( has an amazing variety of lace books... all downstairs. They do not open the downstairs every day, so it would be prudent to call and see when it is open. But they have all sorts of things, and often you can find stuff that is out of print!!I was seriously in danger of having an overweight bag coming home, because of all the books I bought!! There is another shop for supplies near the Minnewater, but I can't remember the name or the address. You might want to ask the people in Scharlaeken or at the Kantcentrum. And, speaking of the Kantcentrum, you really should visit there, as well as the Jerusalem Church that it is jointed to. It is on the other side of Brugge, but you can walk everywhere... the City is small. Don't miss a visit to Queen Astrid's park where the pavillion is a lovely, colorful gazebo with columns shaped like Belgian Bobbins!! Be sure to take a canal ride, and treat yourself to some Belgian Waffles!
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