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Lace Group

OIDFA Lace Lectures: "Knights in Shining Lace"

  • March 07, 2021
  • 4:00 PM
  • Zoom lecture

OIDFA Lace Lecture: "Knights in Shining Lace: Metal lace, Passementerie and Armor in 16th and 17th century Milan"

The luxury crafts of Milan have long been a highly organized set of industries; from the production of silk, gold and silver threads, armor, engraving, embroidery, passementerie, and of course, lace. The Duchy of Milan has been both an emporium of luxury goods and a training center for skilled craftspeople since the middle ages.

We will explore the origins of these industries, the way they influenced each other and how this brought about exquisitely coordinated items for both fashion and the church. Through the juxtaposition of a select of gold and silver lace, engraved armor, dress swords, embroideries and passementerie you will see how they are all visually and materially connected, while archive documentation will explain the fascinating economic reality which supported this production.