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December 10, 2011 3:08 PM | Patty Foley

Hi Members,

Over the last nine months, I have been working on getting our Library Policy written down as part of an overall Library Project.  It seems some of us knew the procedures and some of us didn't.  Therefore, since I need to write things down, or forget them for sure, we now have our Policy.  You may access our Policy from the NELG Library page. 

Thank you to all that participated in getting the Policy operational.  It is our first attempt with such a comprehensive Policy, so we understand that we will be tweaking as time goes on.  It will enable our Library to truly become a membership benefit. 

At the NELG Library page you can see a glimpse of the next phase of the Library project which is to get our Library on-line.  We have added software  so you can see the cover of the book and in some instances, a description and additional information.  You can sort the list based on "Subject" matters.  We will supply more information on this as it is developed over the next few months.  Please go over and click around.  Tell us what you think - it is your Library.

The next part of the project and will be in conjunction with the on-line Library is to cull our collection - that's Library speak to eliminate items that just don't do it any longer.  Our collection must remain relevant to our members.   We need to retire items that are not being borrowed or needed and make room for new books and materials. 

Thank you all once again for assisting with this project.  I need plenty of help.  Please let us know - you can email me at  or Elisabeth at or our general mailbox at  We want to hear from you!

Enjoy you Lace!

Patty Foley


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