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Today's Nod

July 14, 2011 12:16 PM | Patty Foley

New England Lace Group is comprised of amazing individuals!  Besides all our members there are those of us that help pitch in to make the organization run.  I hope to highlight different members in in a quick 'nod' here on the blog and in our Newsletter.  Keep an eye out as the newsletter is in the works and you'll see this quarter's issue any day.

Of course with our new website, there will be some changed in the "way it was done".  I encourage each of you to let us know how we fair in making adjustments and improvements. We encourage you to let us know - email at so we can hear your thoughts.

So here's today's Nod -  Thanks to Gail, our Newsletter Editor and to Winann our Treasurer/Membership.  This past week we have had to adjust our procedures for mailing / emailing / and etc for the newsletter and membership application for the upcoming year.  I want to thank them for their thoughfullness in thinking through the changes we will be enjoying.  With these changes, hopefully, they will allow Winann and Gail a little more time to make lace!

Thanks Ladies!


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