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IOLI Bulletin - Urchins

January 16, 2018 1:51 PM | Patty Foley
Hi all,

Some of you may have read an article in our NELG newsletter about my participation in the Urchin Lace project.  If you haven't cracked open your IOLI Bulletin - Winter 2018 do so now.  You'll  find my 2 page spread on the project.  this link is to my Facebook page with pictures

You'll also find an article in the IOLI Bulletin by Devon Thein and her exhibit, Lace not Lace,  that will be shown at the Hunterdon Art Museum, New Jersey in September.  The museum is looking for support to enable the Urchins to be shown at that exhibit. This will be (must be a first!) an outdoor exhibit of lace in the United States.  Any support you can muster would be greatly appreciated to bring the Urchins, and more importantly, a major outdoor exhibit of lace.    You can help by going to - thank you in advance!  


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