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New link to Lace for Study website

March 29, 2011 11:53 AM | Anonymous
I received the following email yesterday regarding a great new website that is a fantastic resource for all lace makers.  Please take a moment to check out the link by either clicking below or by going to NELG's page with Links to Great Websites.  Happy exploring!

Dear Fellow lace enthusiasts,
I am the webmaster of a new website which I think may be of great interest to your members. I would invite you to look at it, and if you approve, add it as a link on your own site. The site is for education purposes only not for profit.
As you will see, one click on a picture will enlarge it, and a second click will enlarge it further so that in many cases it is possible to examine the actual structure well enough to replicate it, should one wish. You can click on a purpose, which will take you to others of that function, and a click on that posting will bring up the picture. You can search for some particular textile style, similarly.
It is an interactive site and comments are welcomed, especially if you have more specific information regarding any piece. The Introduction gives a general background, and it is worth looking at the site regularly since the aim is to add a further 10 items a week.
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