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Host an IOLI Convention in New England?????

February 09, 2011 10:20 AM | Patty Foley

As reported in the IOLI Bulletin and in our Newsletter by Jill, there is great news about hosting the international convention. 

Beginning with the 2013 event, any profit is split between IOLI and the host group, yet (and here's the change) any loss is borne entirely by IOLI.

This year 2011 is being hosted by our Friends in Maryland Chesapeake Lace Guild, the next year 2012, the Minnesota Lace Society is beginning their prerparation.

So what about bringing it to New England!  Yes it is alot of work, though anything worth doing is generally alot of work.  We have those great lace makers that have gone before us, so what do you think ?  Chime in here!

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