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Manidoro 2017, needlework fair

April 20, 2017 10:28 AM | Sharon Sacco (Administrator)

I occasionally follow a few bloggers.  Yolande of Fils et Aiguilles recently attended the Manidoro 2017  (needlework fair) in Italy and posted a lot of pictures from it in her 7 April  blog posting.  This fair has a wide variety of needlework represented, and from a lace perspective worth the effort.  There are a few pictures of Romanian lace that are impressive.  I know that the beginning Romanian Lace book in the NELG library is a good way to start, but the pieces that Yolande recorded show how beautiful it can really be.  While we do not often think of  it this way, macrame is also a form of lace, and you can see its use there also.  Beyond that I think many types of laces, including netting were represented here, although I did not notice any bobbin laces other than some Torchon and the Italian styles.  On the bottom of the posting are a couple of links to larger collections from Manidoro 2017.  See:

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