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Urgent! Crochet help needed!

January 16, 2017 11:40 AM | Anonymous

Post from IOLI re-posted from our Facebook page:

Choi +Shine, the creators of the wonderful lace cap that floats over the Amsterdam canal are producing a new illuminated lace artwork that will be suspended at shoulder height over the Marina Bay in Singapore as part of I Light Marina Bay, Asia’s Leading Sustainable Light Art Festival. The work will be called the Urchins and will consist of three huge sea urchins in what appears to be reticella lace but is actually large crochet. (Photos of this project cannot be made public at this time so I am posting photos of the cap which has a similar aesthetic.)

Jin Choi says, “All the motifs will be assigned specific locations on the Urchins, so once completed, you will be able to locate your own work. Our deadline is the first week of Feb., but even a small contribution would be of great help for us.”

Each motif should be 70cm x 70cm (roughly 2’-4” x 2’-4”) and they are worked with 3mm polyester rope with 5.5mm hook.

Those who are interested in helping should contact  The company is located in the Boston area, so due to logistical reasons, the closer to Boston that you are, the better. 

Here are some helpful links.



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