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NELG commemoratives - a pictorial history

April 07, 2015 10:26 AM | Jill Hawkins

I have set myself something of a challenge and am hoping NELG members will be able to help. I would like to have a photograph of each of the NELG commemorative bobbins so there will be a record for the future.

I have looked through my bobbins and have managed to locate 12 - the oldest being from 1997 when we had the retreat at Bloomfield Seminary in CT - but there are definitely some gaps. Please take a look at this document to see which ones I have already found: NELG Commemorative Bobbins.pdf

I would appreciate it very much if you could look through your collection of bobbins and either email me a photograph, or bring the bobbin(s) to this year's retreat so I can take photographs?

Thanks in advance


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