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November 05, 2014 4:18 PM | Anonymous

Just saw this post on Arachne from Gon Homburg in the Netherlands, which I thought might be of interest:

"In the Netherlands nowadays it is very popular to publish every week an edging for crochet or something small to embroider. We, a group of bobbin lace teachers thought it a good idea to start something similar in lace: Every week an edging or insertion. It started today with a simple edging in Schneeberg Lace. We will try to make it interesting for all people, not only simple edgings but also more complicated ones. Every Wednesday around 15.00 pm a new edging or insertion will be published on my website <> or directly to the page <> If you like the idea, please join us. There is a special group made on Facebook to show your results, comments and questions. This group is called Kantje per week (Dutch for every week an edging or insertion in lace).

So I hope to see many of you there or read your comments on the edgings or the idea via Arachne.

Happy lacing and have fun make your lace this week."


aka Webmistress

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