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Retreat thanks and Ulrike

May 20, 2014 12:08 PM | Clare Settle
Thank you to all of those wonderful, capable people who put our retreat together, especially Winann and Jill.  It's always a marvelous experience for everyone who attends.

Thanks to Bryce for taking on the Silent Auction this year, and giving me a chance to focus on class.  

Ulrike is a marvelous teacher.  I understand now why people flock to her classes.  She is able to clearly communicate what's needed, and has an ingenious way of demonstrating techniques with yarn.  Ulrike was able to attend to each her twelve student's needs in a balanced and equitable manner.  I came away much more knowledgeable and reasonably proficient in the Blonde/colored point ground techniques she taught, and I even feel able to move forward and complete the piece.

It was quite a joy to see so many faces there, both familiar and new.  This is truly one of the best lacemaking events.
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