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Lace is Everywhere - Lecture in Newington

October 27, 2013 10:30 PM | Patty Foley
Much thanks to GAIL MACLEAN, DORIS SCHICK, RITA BARTHOLOMEW, and JEANNE GOODWIN for volunteering at the 
lace lecture I gave at the Newington Library on October 24th.  Special thanks to Cressy Goodwin,  for taking pictures and the video.

We had great participation by the attendees who were able to enjoy the making of lace, by our expert lace makers, and enjoyed the lecture and show.

It was truly a lot of fun to put together this lecture, great to do some research and when it all came together, I was hoping everyone would be pleased.  

If you are in southern CT for November 11th - I'm doing it again - check the Events Calendar or contact me directly at

PS  I have some video of the entire talk - so once it is edited  - who knows where it will go next!  
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