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I should have worn my wellies

May 29, 2013 1:07 AM | Patty Foley
"Every child is an artist.   The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  Picasso
  A great quote for all of us to remember.  This past Saturday, while at the MA Sheep and Wool show, I was taking in the sites in between lots of rain drops when I came across this young child.  He had his wellies on and was stamping in a puddle of water and giggling to his hearts content.  Watching this young child lifted my  heart and before long I contracted his infectious giggling. 

Some time ago, I was sent the following website Design, Decoration and Craft at The Textile Blog.  Thanks Clare this is a treasure!  It is written by John Hopper and has been on the web for over five years.  That is pretty good in the life of a blog.  While it is not primarily a lace site, what I have found is looking at other textiles for inspiration for lace designs.  It is written well and you can listen to each of the current blog posts if you turn up the volume.  

The current entry May 28th - discussed The Contemporary Maori Inspired Pattern Work of Mitch Manuel.  How absolutely interesting as a pattern is dismantled and reassembled into an new pattern.  The possibilities are endless.  

if you go to the subject area of the blog and scroll down you will find the listing of lace entries that exist on the site.  The first one Lace as Traditional and Contemporary Craft is a great entry and explores that contemporary will become as common as the traditional and the two shall live side by side in harmony.  

So ..  do you have your wellies on?  Time to get them out, dust them off and celebrate the fun of jumping in a puddle.  So go and experiment and have fun with your lace!

Love your Lace,

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