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Weavers’ Stories from Island Southeast Asia

May 05, 2013 11:36 AM | Patty Foley
In the current issue of NELG's newsletter, I mentioned this link in my message.  It's several stories of the weavers out in the Indonesia part of the world.  

As we are faced with the future of lace, so are they about their weaving.  You can see them speak (translated) about their concerns and you can see some of the most lovely patterns that they make. 

This picture I took in a batik factory just outside of Yogykarata, Java, Indonesia.  The patterns are hand drawn on the fabric with the help of a light table.  You'll see batik made in one of the stories - it is truly amazing.    to see more about them visit this website for a host of interesting stories, lots of interesing techniques and beautiful textiles,

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