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UK 1st day

November 28, 2012 6:38 PM | Patty Foley
The AA new 777 plane landed at Heathrow with me and  without much fanfare; that's a good thing.   Travel and logistics are part of any vacation - it is a lesson in people watching.  JFK is an amazing place; so many people coming and going, each with their story.  So here begins my story!

Once landed - I needed to find the Underground or Tube, get the correct line - Picadilly to Kings Crossing - backtrack to on the Victoria line to Euston.  There I had to juggle the train schedule to determine which train company (privatized into several companies) and get to Milton Keynes to meet Jill.  It is amazing - we are watching the board listing the trains waiting for the train to be assigned a track.  LOL  The train was already there but they didn't want the passengers to be around as the readied it for us.  The all of a sudden, the board changes and we are sent to Platform #1 - mind you we are at platform #8 - so a mob of folks go off running.  Most are pulling luggage - it seems everyone is going somewhere with luggage!  I pulled my two items and got to the train.  Now train luggage compartments are not the size of airline compartments.  It was fine as long as I stashed them in the back of the 'car' - I was fine - and some very cute men helped me out :).

The only thing I was in trouble with was the lack of WiFi for my phone to work.  So a little snafu to tell Jill I was on the train.  Anyway - it worked out and I am here with Jill.

First order of business to go see the building she spoke about in her article in our last newsletter.  I'll be loading the pictures in the next day or so.  It is truly inspiring - both Jill's newsletter and seeing the building first hand.  

It was a quite night at home - glad to get here and relax.  Though it is freezing - literally 32 degrees!  Burrrrrrrr

More tomorrow!


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