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September 29, 2012 10:54 AM | Patty Foley
As I opened the September meeting I was reflective as this year is about NELG going forward. As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary, we celebrate the dedication of time and effort by those wonderful lace makers before us.  They have brought us to our present. We honor them.

It is now, as the stewards of the present and the leaders for tomorrow, that we must set out sites about lace making. How do we feel about this legacy? Where will NELG be in five and ten years from now. I ask each of you to look ahead in your life, what events can transpired in that time frame? Now, was any of it about lace?

We are at a time, where some of our teachers have passed, retired, or find it too difficult in their life situation to continue to teach. It's the white elephant in the room, we all 'see' it, though it's a mammoth problem and question of what to do.

Some of our members are very generous with their time. Today, I'm speaking of those individuals that demonstrate lace making throughout New England. That is where our disconnect is widening. Where does someone from the public get to take lessons after trying out lace making at a demo?

There are lots of questions posed here. It's time for some thoughtful conversation and reflection. I will continue this topic over the coming months. I'll post more and look for your comments. So Speak Up!

Love your Lace,

NELG President

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