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Entries ready for Big E

September 03, 2012 5:14 PM | Patty Foley
This past weekend and throughout this week, lace makers are putting on the final touches to their entries to Creative Arts - Big E.  

Big thanks to Rosalie and Bryce for gathering up the entries and making the trek to the fair grounds to place the entries this coming week.

Judging will be September 10th!    Set up of our display will be the following day - I will make the trek to take pictures of everyone's entry and hope that by the end of the day - you will be first to see the lace entries and price winners right here at
For now, enjoy the pictures on the home page of last year's entries.  You can see last year's winners at our page  Creative Arts 2011.

Everyone that has entered is a winner in by book!  Congratulations and Thank you to all that have contributed to making, promoting and displaying their lace.  

PS  - Volunteers - you should have received your volunteer tickets and parking passes. If you didn't, email me at and we will get you the tickets!

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