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Tatted Handkerchiefs
Kirstine Nikolajsen and Inge Lise Nikolajsen

In modern culture, the handkerchief has gone out of fashion. Its use as a fashion accessory is long out of use, and its practical purpose has been long ago replaced by disposable paper tissues. So why would anyone want to produce a booklet on handkerchiefs?

As lace makers, handkerchiefs are great ways to display lace work in a compact form so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It also connects us to earlier times when handmade lace was appreciated

This little booklet, published in 2011, contains patterns for 12 edgings suitable for handkerchiefs. What interests me in this booklet is that there is a lot of technique that is hiding in it. The first one is suitable for a beginner who can make chains, rings, and picots. Many of them rely on split rings. One is tatted from the outside to the inside. Several are designed to attach to commercially made handkerchiefs.

This should not be the first book a beginner tackles. Unlike many tatting books, there are no tatting instructions. It does contain instructions on attaching the lace to the handkerchief with blanket stitch and hemstitching. The edgings are pretty enough that they could be used for other purposes such as edgings for mats or a bridal veil.

Submitted by Sharon Sacco

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