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New additions to the NELG Library - May 2018 to May 2019

Olsen, Doris. Bobbin Lace Flowers
Patterns & instructions for free-standing    flowers using colored threads & wire

Atkinson, Jane. Pattern Design for Torchon Lace
Ideas & techniques for designing torchon patterns in circular, wavy & other grids

Fouriscot, Mick. Dentelles de Retournac
History, technique, and patterns for various motifs and tableware pieces

Quinault, Marie-Jo. Filet Lace, Introduction to the Linen Stitch

Instruction in techniques for filet lace, including exercises and patterns


Stillwell, Alexandra. Mechlin Lace
History, technique, theory & patterns on Mechlin lace

Cusick, Joyce Elizabeth. Crafting with Lace
Projects ideas for lace

Sanders, Julia E. Tatting Patterns

Dover reprint of 1915 Priscilla tatting patterns

Dye, Gilian. Introducing Bone Lace, A Beginner’s Guide to Working Early Bobbin Lace
History & techniques of 16th century lace


Dye, Gilian. Gold & Silver Edgings, Sixteenth & Seventeenth Century Lace Book I
Technique and patterns

Dye, Gilian. The Isham Samples and Other Linen Edgings. Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Lace Book 2
More history, techniques & patterns

Voelcker, Ulrike. Discover Torchon, Vol. I and Master Torchon, Vol. III
Everything you ever wanted to know about making torchon lace


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