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New England Lace Group Lace Challenge

This year’s Artist Trading Card (ATC) lace challenge will be a 2½” by 3½” card embellished with your handmade lace inspired by the theme “Mardi Gras”.

The lace must be made by you and can be any form of lace. It should be two dimensional and fit in the space of the card. (The card must fit in the plastic sleeve provided.) A length of Coats & Clark #50 "Mexicana" (colorway) Multicolor Mercerized Cotton thread is included in the packet. Its use is optional, but one additional “vote” will be added to each card that included some of this thread in the finished lace. You may combine your lace with other media. On the back of your card include your name, the year, contact information, and the title of your piece.

Free Challenge Packs will be available at the January and February NELG meetings and by mail. Email Jim Martin ( to request a Pack (one free per member). Each pack will include the materials you need to get started. The rest is up to you!

At the NELG Annual Retreat in May 2018, we will display the ATCs and all persons in attendance will vote by secret ballot for several winners:

  • Favorite ATC
  • Best Imagery for “Mardi Gras”
  • Most Unusual
  • Most Technically Impressive
Winners will receive all the honors and benefits occurring thereto: splashy coverage on the NELG website and in the August newsletter, the admiration of their peers, and a $20 gift certificate to a lace vendor.

Note: Your ATC will be returned to you after the Retreat – the “trading” part of the ATC is optional.

  1. You must be a current NELG member to participate.
  2. Your ATC must be at the May Retreat for display and voting. If you won’t be there, arrangements can be made to send it. Contact Jim Martin.
  3. The back of the card must include your name, the year, contact information, and the title of your piece.
  4. All reasonable care will be taken to safeguard entries. However, NELG, its officers and Retreat organizers, and Jim Martin will NOT be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen works entered in the Challenge.
  5. NELG covers costs (ATC, return mail) for one entry per member. However, you can enter more than one at your own expense.

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